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About Douglass Hanly Moir

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology (DHM) is the largest member of the Sonic Healthcare group of practices in Australia. Sonic Healthcare is an Australian-owned, publicly listed company, operating in the areas of pathology, radiology and clinical services.

DHM is an established and well-respected pathology practice, offering comprehensive, high-quality pathology services for clinicians and healthcare professionals, private hospitals and nursing homes in NSW and north-west Victoria. We are medically managed by pathologists and a select and highly qualified team of scientific staff and senior management.

Our practice is managed by doctors for doctors. Our CEO, Dr Jim Newcombe, is a pathologist. All department directors are pathologists, and pathologists are represented at all levels of management.

Our executive and senior management staff and pathologists encourage clinicians to contact them for information, consultation, support or advice at any time. Our liaison and regional managers are available to assist clinicians and their staff with the practicalities of using our services.

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Why work for Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology (DHM) is not only the largest member of the Sonic Healthcare group of practices in Australia, but Sonic Healthcare’s global network of healthcare companies is united by a set of core values that reflect the care and expertise required to consistently deliver exceptional medical services.

Sonic Healthcare's values were established in early 2000 after broad consultation with 5,000 employees across all of their practices. Their collective responses were distilled into a set of core values, which remain as relevant today as they did at the turn of the millennium. 

These values are equally relevant and apply to every Sonic employee, regardless of their role or their country of operation. They act as a point of common reference for all internal and external dealings and a yardstick by which each of us measures our interactions and our performance. 

A major and defining difference of DHM is our corporate culture, and this unifying code of conduct is enthusiastically embraced by all, building on our reputation, collegiality and the strength of our people.

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