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After 18 years recruiting various level positions, from Graduate to Senior Executive roles, one area has always remained consistent, the familiar answers to the standard recruitment screening question “Why are you looking to leave?”

The truth is in the data i.e.  the answers that I have received time and time again can be used as a vital tool when assessing ‘key priorities’ of employees.  Listening to relevant feedback and data can save a firm thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.  Staff turnover causes so much more that financial loss, reputation is valuable.

Over the last couple of years there has certainlybeen an increase in the need to focus more and more on Employee Engagement strategies in the belief that engagement is essential to running a successful business.


How to Promote Employee Engagement – Tips


Staff Development Plans are Essential

Organisational development is key. Develop long-term strategies that explicitly include employee engagement as a priority on all management levels. Make sure the entire organization is aware of its importance, potential and benefits by communicating it top to bottom. Include accountability at managerial level to stimulate a whole team’s performance. Monitor retention rates, improved ratings, productivity and anything else that shows a correlation between engagement and organisation functioning.


Stimulate shared visions, goals and views

Clear visions, goals and views can unify a workforce. Senior leadership should lead by example and demonstrate the company’s principles. Having shared values also means making sure company objectives are aligned with the employee’s goals. Stimulate an early synergy by bringing these values into the hiring process.


Differentiate employee roles

Offer opportunities that meet the needs of the individual. Cultivate and harvest the skills of a unique employee. Allow them to excel at what they do best. Their productivity is your and their happiness and promotes engagement. Also, career progress is essential in retaining your employees.


Allow feedback

Stimulate open and honest communication from top to bottom and bottom to top. Be clear about what you want from your employees and get feedback on what they think works in engagement. Find out which rewards and benefits have the most impact on employee engagement. Stimulate both senior and junior staff to share experiences and anecdotes via social media. Encourage a transparent work environment.


Individual employee development and empowerment

Workplace learning and career development allows an employee to grow, but combined with tangible, clear-cut measurable goals it can enable and empower an employee. Make it easy to see the impact of an individual’s performance. And remember that Employee Engagement is a two-way street: coaching and mentoring can help employees better reach their goals.


Say ‘thank you’ for performance

Simple but extremely effective.  Say ‘thank you’ for efforts.  Employers should restore a sense of humanness to the work relationship, as personal recognition is essential to Engagement.

Recognize the talent in your business! Nurture, harvest and appreciate it.


Kerry McMahon
Executive Recruiter – Life Science
KE Select



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    Evelyn Parket
    November 27, 2018 at 8:55 am

    This is fantastic Kerry! Excellent tips here


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